Friday, February 16, 2018

Create your own opportunities

Written by Jens Beyens

When I started at ClearSource last year, I quickly realised a few things:

1.  IT talents are overwhelmed with recruiters calling them
2.  IT talents are generally very reserved when it comes to hearing you out on the phone
3.  This however doesn’t mean that they are working at their dream job

So the daily challenge for me is: how do I bring the top opportunities to these talented people, without spamming them?

I found out that the IT men and women with whom the conversations went the easiest, where the ones who already knew clearly what they wanted. The type of environment they want to work in, how to need to be managed, how they want to organise their work, what values are important to them, what they expect from an employer etc…

I believe that in the digital recruitment era, recruiters aren’t the ones with all the jobs in reserve, but it goes the other way around: the talented people are the ones who get to speak up and say what they want and expect. I believe we can turn the negative flow of recruiters spamming and talent missing out on top opportunities can be turned around into a system in which you can state exactly what you want and thus only get addressed with positions and openings that suit your needs.

What is personal branding and how does it work?

That’s why we came up with the Personal Branding tool for IT talent. An easy online tool that allows you to communicate directly to the job market, in a way that is authentic. It’s like answering the questions before they are asked. Personal Branding is what people will remember you for. Managers can get a real idea about who you are and how you will fit into their team. This is a way for you to create your own opportunities and build your future the way you want. 

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