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Director in the IT public sector with previous experience in the IT & Management Consulting sector. Reliable resource, great facilitator, analytical and strategic thinker, true team player, able to manage relationships at all level of a professional organization in an independent way, to report honestly the real status of the projects, able to fill the gap between technology and business standpoints, loving contacts with people. Curious about the world, loving to travel, culture amateur, tennis player and fitness practitioner.
Contract type: 
Personal location: 
Working location: 
Brabant flamand
  • French
  • Dutch
  • English
My ideal Job/Mission: 
My dream job: managing a start-up incubator. From a more realistic standpoint: a job in a multi-disciplinary environment with a transversal view on issues and solutions, where I can use my science/technology, management and economic knowledge, with a strong team work flavor. It can be in IT but not necessarily.
My Experience & Skills are: 
9 years in the IT and management consulting business followed by 11 years in the IT public sector. Currently, Director/General Secretary at the Brussels Region IT Center. My skills in bulk: IT knowledge, telecommunications, analytical thinker, strategic views on issues, problem solver, team leading and management, strong organizational skills, facilitator, project management, tri-lingual,...
3 months, but might be variable depending on the negotiated notice period
Relevant skills: 
  • 3G/4G
  • iOS
  • Mac OS
  • Security
  • Windows

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