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intermediate PHP developer
Data Analyst
Medior Data Analyst
Senior Support engineer
What can I do to help you in your challenging project? Do you need more than just a simple...
Quality Specialist
QA Test Specialist having almost 9 years of experience in testing (2 years experience in automation...
System Engineer/Administrator
Passionné par l'informatique très jeune, ma première expérience se fait en Russie à l'âge...
Analyst Programmer
Analyst developper with 9 years of experience in multiple kinds of technologies and companies, I...
Consultant (Specialist)
Senior finance professional with on the one hand project management experience mostly in finance...
Project Manager
• Broad experience in managing international projects • Strong focus on translating company...
System Engineer/Administrator
Team player with hands-on approach.
Change Manager
Passionate about customer relationship management and loyalty progams, I had the opportunity to...
Graphics/Web designer
Graphic & motion designer.