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At ClearSource we've completely reversed the recruitment process. We first ask companies and talent to be entirely transparent on what they're looking for and what their values are. Then we use the full range of digital recruitment tools to match up employers and talent in the most efficient and direct way.

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Alban Gaffori & Nicolas Christidis, 
Managing Partners at ClearSource


Data Analyst
Medior Data Analyst
Senior Support engineer
System Engineer/Administrator
Passionné par l'informatique très jeune, ma première expérience se fait en Russie à l'âge...

Time to be clear

We believe that by connecting the human and the digital together, we can get straight to the essential of what a good recruitment process is about. No wasting time on mismatches, but instead: full transparency for all parties involved. We’ve interwoven the recruitment process with employer branding communication. This allows us to specify the recruitment communication, which in its turn is made easy by the personal branding of the talents.

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